Jun. 17th, 2016

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I'm so happy that you are writing and/or drawing something for me! I hope you have fun!

I am not picky about things, I promise. I just want to see more love for these fandoms and characters. Sex is optional, but okay to include. I love friends-to-lovers and I like to see relationships dealing with problems and occasionally faltering but still caring for each other. I like adventures and battle couples too.

I only have a few squicks: Non-consensual stuff, violent kinks, sexual violence, major character death, love triangles, and abusive relationships treated as fluffy and cute.

For art: I like unusual color combinations, monochrome art, and art with an interesting overarching motif. If you want to do something in the style of some other historical style of art - Art Deco, Art Noveau, Baroque, Impressionism, whatever - I will be happy with it.

Feel free to click on the !letter tag at the bottom of this letter and check out my other letters, if you want to see more general likes and dislikes. :)

(Fandoms below cut: Quest for Glory, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, Brigandine.)

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