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[So I wanted to do this a while ago and completely forgot about it! Go me.
I'll try it again, although it might take longer than thirty days. [personal profile] stealth_noodle has already voted for Star Ocean: The Second Story. If anyone else wants to hear me talk about another fandom, feel free to suggest it.]

30 Day Fandom Meta Challenge - I might just have to do this for several different fandoms.

If anyone has a particular fandom they're curious about, post in the comments and I'll include them, as long as I know enough about them to have an opinion.


1.How did you get into this fandom?
2.If you, AS YOURSELF, were to be written in as a character how would you be integrated into the storyline?
3.What is your current OTP and why?
4.What is one pairing you hate and why?
5.Write a review of the most recent episode you’ve seen/chapter you’ve read/particular scene.
6.Explain one use of color symbolism.
7.Give backstory for a minor character.
8.What is one thing that bothers you about your fandom?
9.What is one thing you love about your fandom?
10. Recommend a favorite fan-created piece (fic, fanvid, art, etc) of yours within the fandom, with an adequate explanation as to why people should read it.
11.Which character could you most do without and why?
12.How do you think your show/movie/book reflects you as a person and why?
13.How do you feel about the representation of women in your fandom?
14. How do you feel about the representation of LGBTQ people in your fandom?
15. How do you feel about the representation of people of color in your fandom?
16. What part of your the plot do you wish had been different? What kind of changes do you see that causing in the larger scheme of things?
17. What do you think has been your show/movie/book’s best moment and why?
18. What do you think has been your show/movie/book’s worst moment and why?
19. What is a connection between two characters that you would like to be explored?
20. What is an interpretation concerning your fandom that you heavily disagree with?
21. How do you think your show/book/movie depicts sex? Is it realistic? Is it problematic?
22. How involved are you with your fandom? Is it just on the internet or do you have friends in real life who are also apart of it?
23. How does your show/book/movie depict marriage?
24. Explore what a character would be like as the opposite gender. [I'll think about an alternate for this]
25. How is violence depicted in your show/book/movie and how do you feel about it?
26. How is addiction depicted?
27. What character do you think you act most like in real life?
28. How do you think the people in your fandom are seen or represented by the creators of the text?
29. What is another show/book/movie you can see a character from your fandom appearing in and how would they be integrated into the storyline?
30. Write one meta you’ve always wanted to write that didn’t fit these categories.
(If you don’t plan on doing the entire challenge, you can also submit a response for any of these questions to Fandom Talks Back!)

Date: 2015-11-26 12:38 am (UTC)
electric_butterfly: (CHALLENGE ME!)
From: [personal profile] electric_butterfly
How about Dragon Quest 8?


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