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Title: Inhuman
Fandom: FFVI
Characters: Kefka, Leo
Summary: Kefka's become a laughingstock for his makeup and dress, but Leo realizes he's transforming himself into something else.
Notes: Written for [community profile] fic_promptly.


For all of the fear Kefka inspired among the troops, he'd still become a laughingstock, if only when he himself was not there. Maybe he was a laughingstock because of the fear, because the men knew no other way to deal with such a terrible power. The second greatest warrior of the Empire had become a jester in all but name.

But Leo had watched Kefka's transformation, and he knew there was something more to it. Yes, he painted his face and stained his lips blood red, and wore the clothes of an old-fashioned harlequin. But it was the hands that had caught Leo's eyes. He painted them as well, and wore false nails long enough to be called talons.

That was when Leo had realized just how much the magic had changed Kefka. He wasn't only trying to stand out. Everything about him - the paint, the mad mannerisms, the talons - were meant to make him look like something other than human. He wanted everyone to know that he was no longer one of them. He was dangerous, and he was inhuman.

No wonder they mocked him. It was the only way to deal with the monster he was becoming, and with the idea that such a monster held the power of life and death over them all.


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