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1. How did you get into this fandom?

Relatively short answers, because I am tired. I'll stick to requests already made for now (Star Ocean 2 and Dragon Quest VIII,) but if anyone has any other requests, make them in the comments and I'll set them aside for later.

Star Ocean 2:

I got into this one pretty late! It was probably around 2003. I'd heard good things about it from various people, mostly [personal profile] electric_butterfly, and so when I saw it in the local used game store for 15 dollars or so, I snapped it up.

It was the replay value that really grabbed me, the ability to use different combinations of characters - different enough that it made the game feel entirely different, thanks to the way that the character interactions changed. The game itself was short, but in a way that was good, because you could actually replay it without taking months out of your life per game. I got a little hooked, I won't lie. I don't even remember how many playthroughs I have sitting on some old memory drive or another.

There wasn't much online fandom for the game, unfortunately. I remember EB's site, ComeOnBunny's site, and whatever I could find on RPGamer and ff.net. Later someone created the Alfheim community on LJ, which resulted in a lot of good stuff, but that would be some years down the road.

Dragon Quest VIII:

I started playing this in 2006 and didn't finish it until 2007, when I had a place of my own. The Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series had always been hit or miss with me - it was probably my first RPG, considering that I owned it before I owned any others. (I rented every FF game I played up until 7.) The first of the series to really grab me was the third game, and then the fourth is still one of my favorites, but DQ7 was a solid miss, at the time. But I really liked DQ8; the localization team in particular had done a great job.

There wasn't much fandom at the time, even though the game had been out for a little while. The only content I remember seeing for a long time was on Dragovian Knight's website. It took me quite a while to write anything for it myself, as I recall, although I do remember posting a few bits of commentary. (I'm honestly a little sad I don't have a 3DS, partially because of the extra content in the upcoming re-release. I'll have to search for it at some point...)


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