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3.What is your current OTP and why?

Star Ocean 2:
Tough call. I multiship like crazy in this fandom; it lends itself to that, because of the multiple endings and PA system. Finding out how various characters interact with each other is half the fun.

But if I had to choose one now, I'd go with Rena/Precis.
The game doesn't let them interact much outside of them both liking Claude, which is a damn shame, but they do get a few things. (Their main PA together is in North City, late in the game, and I don't have it transcribed. My current game has Rena as the leader, but I recruited Bowman instead of Precis, so I can't see it right now. I wish I could find a video.)

Why? Let's see... for one thing, they've both spent a lot of time on their own, especially since they were looked at as outsiders growing up. Precis got the worst of the two, since Rena had a couple of good friends and Precis only had her dad and their machines. But Rena talks about it too, being teased about her ears and treated as different and "gifted" because of her healing power. And she immediately recognizes when Precis talks about how Claude and Rena are the first people to treat her like a normal girl. Also, both of them are really passionate about learning. You don't see Rena's passion except in a few PAs, mostly with Claude (i.e. the ones I've mostly avoided seeing :p) but it's definitely there. And Precis, of course, has her experiments and her little robots. I can definitely see them in a college fic, studying together and helping each other pass courses they have trouble with on their own.

I just think that it could work extremely well, once they both get past their crush on Claude. It's a friendship-becoming-romance pairing for me, which seems to be my big thing lately. And I wish there was more of it.
(Runners-up: Ashton/Noel, Claude/Chisato, Celine/Opera)

Dragon Quest VIII:
My OTP in this game has always, always been Yangus/Red.
It took me by surprise, because I don't usually like the idea of one person dropping hints and the other being oblivious. But I just really liked these two from the start, with Red dropping her not-very-subtle hints and Yangus still not getting it. And I was very happy about their partnership at the end of the game, which gave me some hope that they could end up together even if they weren't at the time.

(I kept joking that Red should hit Yangus with the clue-bat, since he just Wasn't Getting It. Later, she gave him a flail and basically told him he'd better come back alive to return it to her... so she hit him with the clue-flail. Close enough.)
(Runners-up: Yangus/Hero, Angelo/Jessica)


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