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4.What is one pairing you hate and why?

Hate is a strong word. But there are a few that I'm completely not interested in, in any sense.

Star Ocean 2:

I've gone on about Claude/Rena before, and I know that [personal profile] stealth_noodle has already seen it, so I'll talk about the other two NoTPs I have for this game. Ironically, they're the closest to canon that this game gets besides Claude/Rena.

Ashton/Precis: Eh. I just didn't see anything there. There's one line where Ashton thinks Precis is cute; everything else is PAs, and they didn't strike me as very romantic anyway.
But I'll admit that the main reason I don't care for these two together is that Ashton is the only character that I don't ship with any gender in this game. I just prefer him with guys. Claude/Ashton used to be my favorite, until I saw Ashton's ending with Noel. Now it's definitely my favorite for both of them. As for Precis, she's good with Claude or Rena, and in a few years she and Leon could be the power couple of Lacour's researchers.

Opera/Ernest: It's fine as a fling, but it just doesn't work beyond that. Opera likes adventure but also has her responsibilities at home, while Ernest refuses to be tied down and is dedicated to exploration more than anything. I just think they could both find partners that are more appreciative of their goals.
(I'm still fond of Opera/Claude, although after seeing Opera's beach scene and ending with Rena, that started growing on me a lot. As for Ernest, I can see him with Chisato or Noel, since they'd share his passion for exploring new worlds, if not necessarily for the same reason. Ironically, I think that Celine would be a really good match for either of them.)

Dragon Quest 8:

I don't care for Marcello/Angelo.
Not just because they're related, although that's a big part of it. I would prefer to explore Marcello's hatred and Angelo's pain over their relationship in more subtle ways, if I can ever manage it. Also, for some reason when I think of Marcello I think of someone who is utterly uninterested in sex. He puts all of his energy into political power and dominance.

(Runner-up: Medea/Charmles, which should probably go without saying.)
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