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7.Give backstory for a minor character.

I'll start with Star Ocean 2, because that's the one that I already have some ideas about. DQ8 is going to take a while longer.

Zandor (Zand in the PSX translation) is a minor crime boss from Ell who became a bigger boss in Harley. There was too much competition in the ports in Ell, especially in Tenue (the biggest port city on Ell and one of the biggest in Expel) for someone like him to really stand out; there were too many bigger fish that he needed to pay for the privledge of "working" there. He wanted somewhere that he could really stand out, where he could be flashy and as big as he wanted to be.

There was crime in Harley before he arrived, but he was quick to deal with it. He'd learned to be ruthless and cold; anyone who crossed him would pay for it, no matter how insignificant or how great. He built up a base of power very quickly, and now nothing happens in Herlie without him knowing about it. And now that Kurik and Tenue have been destroyed, he stands to gain even more; he intends to be involved in the rebuilding of both of them.

First, though, he's going to try to get his family in order. When he was a young man in Tenue, he had a steady girlfriend. She disappeared one day (after discovering evidence of his ever-growing criminal ambitions,) and he couldn't find her, even with all of his connections. But now he's finally learned that while she's dead, she had a son that's just old enough to have been theirs, a swordsman and adventurer who has fallen in with the heroes who are working to liberate Eluria and who has apparently made friends with a young girl in Zandor's own town! It's almost too good to be true, and definitely too good for him not to take advantage of. He just has to figure out how to win him over.

(Yeah, I know it's not as much backstory as it could be. But the idea's been in my head since I first played the game, and I still want to write it sometimes.)
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