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8. What is one thing that bothers you about your fandom?

Well, they're both fairly small. That has its advantages and disadvantages.

Other than that...

Star Ocean 2:

This doesn't get on my nerves as much now as it did before. It bugged me back in the day, though, because it was such a common thing and no one explained it. Now I'm just curious.

Where did the idea that Bowman and Celine were engaged before the game come from? Most of the people cited a PA where Celine sees a picture of him in a list of arranged marriage suitors, and she doesn't recognize him at all; she just thinks he's cute, until he comes in yelling about hot girls and she decides he's not worth the effort. Is it different in the Japanese version? Was it a case of the translators of both versions just not wanting to deal with the idea of a broken engagement? I mean, it's a really neat fic idea, and I can see where the idea might've come from when she gave the person in the PA a Holy Ring afterwards, but she still didn't recognize him.

If it is canon somehow in the original text, I'd still love to know. But it really just feels like a case of fanon being pushed so hard by a particularly active fan that it became accepted as canon. Which is fine, as long as nobody gets mad when people don't use it.

Dragon Quest VIII:

All I can think of is my usual mild irritation at the lack of fic and fanworks about Yangus in general, and him with Red in particular. I mean, I get it, everyone wants to ship the pretty people, but I wish there was more about his devotion to the Hero, and maybe about him and Red getting their affairs in order at last.


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