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I'm almost done with exams, so I can catch up with fun things.

Questions 9, 10 and 11 for the 30 Day Fandom Meme are below the cut.


9.What is one thing you love about your fandom?

Star Ocean 2: It's a canon, and to some extent a fandom, that really explores multishipping. (I was amused by the entire idea that everyone was canonically bisexual, also.)

Dragon Quest 8: It's the kind of fandom where anything goes, really. I mean, the world is bright and colorful but leaves a lot to explore, and there's a lot of fic for it out there that explores it. (First thing that comes to mind. Dunno if it makes sense.)


10. Recommend a favorite fan-created piece (fic, fanvid, art, etc) of yours within the fandom, with an adequate explanation as to why people should read it.

Star Ocean 2: Silly Things (Fic, SFW, Rena + Leon, with reference to Leon's precocious crush. I'm still fond of this one, since I remember writing it just to explore the Outer Wall Paradise (as it was called back then) a bit more, and I like how the game of tag with Rena and Leon turned out.)

Dragon Quest 8: Reunion (Fic, Angelo/Jessica, SFW. One of the first fics I wrote for the canon, and a way of dealing with their separation after the game's events. It still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.)


11. What character could you most do without and why?

Star Ocean 2: Eh. I like all of the characters, but if I had to choose one it would be Welch. She appeared in the PSP remake and I just didn't really care as much about her character as I did any of the others; I'd rather have other characters in my limited party slots. I'll probably play a couple of games and pick her up eventually, if only to see a couple of particular PAs.

Dragon Quest 8: Charmles. He's a horrible jerk - which is fine, we're supposed to hate him. But I hated that entire subplot and kind of wish that the writers hadn't tossed the whole arranged marriage thing in there to begin with. I don't know what they could've replaced it with, but I don't care, I hated that guy SO MUCH.

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