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I'm so happy that you are writing and/or drawing something for me! I hope you have fun!

I am not picky about things, I promise. I just want to see more love for these fandoms and characters. Sex is optional, but okay to include. I love friends-to-lovers and I like to see relationships dealing with problems and occasionally faltering but still caring for each other. I like adventures and battle couples too.

I only have a few squicks: Non-consensual stuff, violent kinks, sexual violence, major character death, love triangles, and abusive relationships treated as fluffy and cute.

For art: I like unusual color combinations, monochrome art, and art with an interesting overarching motif. If you want to do something in the style of some other historical style of art - Art Deco, Art Noveau, Baroque, Impressionism, whatever - I will be happy with it.

Feel free to click on the !letter tag at the bottom of this letter and check out my other letters, if you want to see more general likes and dislikes. :)

(Fandoms below cut: Quest for Glory, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, Brigandine.)

Quest for Glory
Fanfiction or Fanart: Hero of the Five Realms/Elsa von Speilburg, Hero of the Five Realms/Erana/Katrina

(This is a CRPG Adventure/RPG game series that's available on GOG.com, and seems to be on sale more often than not lately. If you've never heard of it, check it out if you can. It's basically one of my favorites from the nineties. :)

Anything set at any point in the games is fine. Post-QFG5, any outcome is fine (becoming the King, giving up the throne, etc.) Either of these two relationships ruling the kingdom, or exploring the rest of the world, would be great. I'd also be interested in some sort of story about how the Hero might've possibly rescued Katrina and Erana at the same time (it's impossible in-game; this would have to be an AU.) Or a visit by King Hero and Queen Elsa (or Queen Elsa and Prince-Consort Hero?) to see her brother for a state visit might work out.)
For art, a state portrait would be interesting as well, or some candid picture of them having some sort of hobby together or overlooking a new country, if they go exploring.

More information/character models: Quest for Glory Omnipedia.

Star Ocean 2
Fanfiction or Fanart: Ashton/Noel, Claude/Chisato, Noel/Rena

(This is a traditional JRPG by triAce. It was released on the PSX by Enix in the late nineties, and then was retranslated and re-released by Square-Enix on the PSP about ten years later. I've played both releases and am very familiar with them, so don't worry too much about which set of names and locations to use; consistency is nice, but either is fine. :)

I know Ashton and Noel don't interact that much in the game, but their ending made me fall in love with the pairing. (Here is a link.) I love how both of them are worriers in game, but they just help each other relax in the ending, and it's just really cute. I'd love to see just about anything about these two together.
(A few ideas: How do they get the rent taken care of? How does Noel get along with the dragons? Do they ever go adventuring, or are they happy living the quiet life? Is Ashton's family still alive? Something about either meeting the family or dealing with some of the things they left behind would be cool too - maybe a visit to an old home? For art, nature motifs are always good with Noel, and I'm fond of the idea that Ashton uses Symbology tattoos to boost his sword-fighting powers.)

Claude/Chisato, on the other hand, have a lot of great interations; they share conspiracy theories, if Claude's the leader, and in one PA Claude can accidentally overhear Chisato telling her mother about him. They respect each other and their causes and just really have some great conversations. And their endings are quite cute, too. (If you want to write post-ending fic, either one is fine.)
Claude/Chisato ending (with Claude's affection higher than Chisato's) from the PSP release.
Chisato/Claude ending (with Chisato's affection ratings higher) from the PSX release. 2:36 to 3:24.
I wish I had conversation/PA/beach scene transcripts, but I can't find them online. :/
(A few ideas: How does Chisato react to visiting Earth/meeting Claude's mother? Does Claude ever go with Chisato on her journalism ventures, and what kind of shenanigans do they get into? What do they do when never of them are working? On that note, what if Chisato ever decided to show Claude around some of the less-seen bits of Centropolis? For art, something of them sparring, maybe, or sharing an experience while exploring one of their worlds/cities, or hurt/comfort where they're helping each other after Claude loses his father, or Chisato loses her planet.)

Rena/Noel struck me the minute I played the game - two healers who share a lot of the same passions, and who are both still learning how to navigate this whole "relationship" thing. I don't care as much for their ending, since it's basically them having a fight, but I would like to see how their relationship could work out as they keep going.
Ending (PSP)
Beach Scene (PSX, includes transcript from PSP)
Transcript of Centropolis PA (PSP)
(Some ideas: How does Noel make missing the shopping trip up to Rena? Does she ever give him the grand tour of Expel? Do they ever decide to leave Expel and see what the rest of the universe is like? How about something fun that they can both agree on, like a picnic in the forest or a long hike to see some of the local wildlife? How does Westa feel about Rena's new boyfriend? For art, scenes from any of those would be great, especially something green and nature-themed and perhaps with cute baby animals. Magic motifs (since they are both the only two spellcasters in the game who don't rely on outside magic) and scenes would also be great.)

Fanart: Iria/Victoria, Lance/Glauze, Lyonesse/Kiloph, Vaynard/Guinglain, Zemeckis/Esmeree, Cai/Merriot.
(Brigandine is an SRPG for the Playstation, published by Atlus. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find now. I'm still hoping against hope for a digital release in NA someday! Also, if you can find/play Brigandine: Grand Edition, do it. It's only in Japanese, but there are scripts and descriptions around online.)

Really, just about anything for this fandom would be amazing, since it's so small. So here are a few ideas.

(General art note: the vast majority of these pairings involve at least one character who is of a high rank in their country; Iria and Victoria aren't royalty, but even then a state portrait wouldn't be that out of the way. So if you want to go for something like that, go for it!)

Iria/Victoria: Victoria doesn't care for Iria much at first, until she's found out what she's suffered; then she starts doing her best to be kind and learn more about her, even offering her homemade muffins and comforting her when she's crying. I'd love to see something about the two of them growing closer.

Lance/Glauze: Their canon scenes and conversations are great. How does their relationship continue after the war ends?

Lyonesse/Kiloph: I'd love to see how they live together either after their country falls, or what happens when the war ends and Lyonesse is the Queen. Kiloph is so protective of her but still respectful, and it would be great to see how they turn out.

Vaynard/Guinglain: Classic ruler/advisor pairing. Guinglain advises Vaynard but the two don't always agree; how do they interact when Vaynard isn't willing to take his advice? What happens to the two of them (because it seems to be just the two of them) if Norgard is defeated? Do they leave the continent to recover their strength? Do they stay and live in seclusion?

Zemeckis/Esmeree: The captor bonding implied in this relationship is fascinating to me; Esmeree even says she didn't "love" Zemeckis, but she still respected him enough to go and live her life in dedication to him instead of coming home to her brother. What was their life together like? She was technically his prisoner; how did they interact? (Would prefer it not to be a romantic love story, given the nature of the pairing.)

Cai/Merriot: Would like something set after their game, while Merriot is on a journey and trying to figure out who she is. How did the war and her near-death affect their feelings? What happens when she comes back, and how does their relationshp change?

You can find lots of character references on the Brigandine Wikia.
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