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Oops. I hadn't forgotten to write these, but I forgot to post them here. (Also, I'm up to #94; that means I'm done with the actual prompts, and don't really know what to write for the last four or five AC entries. But that's another problem.)

List of all prompts. (The challenge was originally meant for one set of characters, but... no. I can't. That's why I'm doing this unofficially.)

Prompt #21: Moving.
(Star Ocean 2, Claude/Rena/Dias. SFW.)

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Prompt #22: Rhythm
(Bastion, Kid/Zia/Zulf. SFW.)

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Prompt #23: Dance
(Final Fantasy VIII, Squall/Rinoa/Quistis. SFW.)

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Prompt #24: Holding
(Final Fantasy X, Auron/Braska/Jecht. SFW. Spoilers.)

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Prompt #25: Silence.
(Final Fantasy VII OGC, Cloud/Tifa/Aeris. SFW. Injury.)

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Title: Objective
Fandom: FFVIII
Characters/Pairing: Quistis/Fujin, sort of
Rating: SFW
Warning: Violence, vaguely-described injuries.
Notes: For the Kissing Battle. Written for [personal profile] seventhe. Another one I'd like to expand upon, if only to explain the situation that Quistis and her team appear to be in here.

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Rinoa/Quistis maybe-AU femslash. (It looks more like a high school dance than one of Selphie's Garden Festivals - Selphie would get a better decorating budget.) I really just wanted an excuse to draw them in costumes.
Done in pencil and colored pencil. I'm poking at another (digitally painted) version that'll probably just be the girls in costume. But working with the pencils was fun, for all that I'm not that great with them. Or anatomy (although I did use a reference and drew skeletons for this one.)

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