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Fandom: FF (general)
Character: Red Mage
Rating: SFW

[personal profile] dinogrrl wanted some red mages on [community profile] fandom_stocking. I still wanna do a fancier one, but while I'm trying to finish that, I also drew a cute little Red Mage teddy bear cosplay.

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[personal profile] yohjideranged asked about which Final Fantasy canon is my favorite. It's hard to call, so let me do some comparison here.

Spoilers for most of the series. )

So. In terms of the actual question - which canon do I like the best? - I might go with FFX, simply because it felt like the design of the world and the game fit the plot and theme perfectly. In terms of the canon I like to explore the most outside of the game... probably FFVI.
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Fandom: Final Fantasy (in general)
Character: Chocobo
Rating: SFW

Sketched for a palette meme a while back. I love little chocobos.

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