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While I was working today I entertained myself by wondering what male characters would've made decent romantic interests in Quest for Glory 5 (if the hero could've been a lady, or if same-gender LIs had been allowed.) This contains spoilers for the entire game series, obviously.

It's not an easy question. I'm trying to stick to the same sorts of LIs that were actually in QfG5, who were single and young (or young-appearing) and human. And I'm finding there aren't a lot of options here.

QfG1: While Barnard von Speilberg might be an interesting option, I wouldn't be interested unless his storyline involved a lot of him getting over himself. (It would have to be a situation where he wasn't the Baron. Maybe there was some kind of revolt, I don't know. From what I gathered, he wasn't a popular leader.) I really can't think of any others.

QfG2: I'm drawing a blank... um. Ugarte, maybe?? Although certain scripted events in QfG5 would make that difficult. (It might help that you can save his life, though. And maybe part of his sidequest would involve helping him win his competition.)

QfG3: Yesufu would be a good one, if Johari hadn't randomly married him at the end of the game. (Although I would've romanced Johari if she'd been available, myself.) Honestly, he's the only young man I can even remember in that game.

QfG4: My first thought was Blackjack Davy (the one you save by rescuing Igor, and then you get your fortune told by his grandma in thanks.) And I really don't know the ages of anyone else in this game; most of them are married or otherwise unavailable.

QfG5: Drawing a blank here, at least on characters that were only introduced in this game. I can't even think of anyone that might be an alternate option to Katrina and Erana, at least not off the top of my head.

Of course, I for one would be all for having the ladies there too (as much as possible) and would probably pick Erana over all of them, if she was available. Still interesting to think about. (There are not many attractive men in this series. Lost of girls, but no guys. I'm not horribly surprised, though.)
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I left a bunch of Quest for Glory prompts on [community profile] fic_promptly, then decided to write a fill so that there'd be at least one.

Title: A Long and Bitter Winter
Fandom: Quest for Glory (QfG 1)
Characters: Baron Stefan von Speilberg, OC
Rating: SFW
Summary: The curse has taken everything from him, including his strength.
Notes: The prompt was this quote: 'Tis bitter cold, and I am sick at heart.

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Title: Comfort
Fandom: Quest for Glory 4
Characters: Erana/The Rusalka
Rating: T at worse, for references to drowning and death. Comes with the territory.
Notes: I seriously doubt the creators had this in mind. But I thought of the idea during Femslash February one year or another, and eventually finished it because I liked it too much not to write it. I should try to sketch something about this. (They might be making out, or they might actually be just snuggling in the water and drinking magical hot underwater tea. Yes, I'm making that a thing now.)
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I might start posting some art here, if only because it'll keep me remembering to log into this site more often and post other stuff.

The Quest for Glory games are among my favorites, and I had been trying to replay it recently (well, before that particular computer died. After this semester I might get around to trying to recover it.) My character, of course, was Sir Bear, who hadn't quite gotten the hang of capes yet.

This is Sir Bear as a guy, not a bear.

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