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For Multiamory March this year (which isn't really doing much, despite my best efforts, but I'm gonna play anyway,) I'm using an LJ community's prompt list to write drabbles. I don't think I could do one hundred prompts for one group, but I have lots of different ones that I like, so that'll work.

I'm trying for a hundred words each, although I might go longer as needed. We'll see.

1: Kiss
(FFVI, Locke/Celes/Setzer, SFW)

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2: Hug
(FFVI, Kefka/Terra/Celes, SFW, contains unhealthy relationships and power imbalances.)

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3: Touch
(FFVIII, Irvine/Selphie/Zell, SFW)

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4: Love
(FFVII, Cloud/Tifa/Barret, SFW)

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5: Share
(Skies of Arcadia, Vyse/Aika/Fina, SFW)

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Title: Runaway
Fandom: Skies of Arcadia (Legends-specific)
Characters: Hans, Centime, Lapan
Summary: Lapan runs off, and leaves his brother asking why.

This seems to be something I wrote for an SoA community that I was very active in a few years ago. (I miss that group of people. They were fun.)

Legends-specific - minor Bounty spoilers )
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[Last one for now.]

Fandom: Skies of Arcadia
Characters: Aika/Fina
Media: Digital (GIMPWin)

A piece of fluff I drew for this year's Femslash February on tumblr (I don't know if it went beyond that site or not.) Pose referenced from here (I was not so great at using references properly at the time, getting slightly better now.)

image )

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Title: A Different Sort of Healing
Author: Wallwalker
Fandom: Skies of Arcadia
Rating: Explicit/NSFW
Characters: Fina/Aika
Word Count: 665
Content Notes: None
Notes: Written for [community profile] kink_bingo as part of a double line. The prompts were "Medical Kink" and "Object Penetration." (It's really more like "Healing Magic Kink," but I think it still counts.) Credit for the fic idea goes to [personal profile] lassarina - I was completely stuck on this one. Thank you!

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