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6.Explain one use of color symbolism.

Um, okay. If I can think of any.

Star Ocean 2:

I couldn't think of much for this. Best that comes to mind offhand is Gabriel's outfit (the final final boss of the main game,) who wears all white and looks like a freakin' angel. It makes more sense when you realize that the man who created him co-opted the prototype of an artificial being who was designed to cause awe and fear on planets that were dissenting from the empire in power.

Dragon Quest 8:

For some reason the only thing that comes to mind is Angelo's outfit and the fact that out of all the Templars, he's the only one who doesn't wear dark blue. He has a similar uniform, but it's bright red. I don't know if the game ever addresses it, but I feel like it's by design, that he got into trouble for being out of uniform and decided to create a passable uniform that was still different from the others, just to make his superiors mad. (Or else Marcello made him wear some kind of red badge after his many indiscretions, and Angelo decided to go overboard with it just to make him mad.)
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