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Oops. I hadn't forgotten to write these, but I forgot to post them here. (Also, I'm up to #94; that means I'm done with the actual prompts, and don't really know what to write for the last four or five AC entries. But that's another problem.)

List of all prompts. (The challenge was originally meant for one set of characters, but... no. I can't. That's why I'm doing this unofficially.)

Prompt #21: Moving.
(Star Ocean 2, Claude/Rena/Dias. SFW.)

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Prompt #22: Rhythm
(Bastion, Kid/Zia/Zulf. SFW.)

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Prompt #23: Dance
(Final Fantasy VIII, Squall/Rinoa/Quistis. SFW.)

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Prompt #24: Holding
(Final Fantasy X, Auron/Braska/Jecht. SFW. Spoilers.)

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Prompt #25: Silence.
(Final Fantasy VII OGC, Cloud/Tifa/Aeris. SFW. Injury.)

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These, if memory serves, are all of the fics that I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] 100_leitmotifs. I really liked that community's concept and even wrote a few more pieces after it had died. I'd like to back them all up together somewhere, so here they are.

Title: No Warning
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Rinoa, General Caraway (and Julia)
Theme: #6 - with this ring
Leitmotif (when applicable): To fall
Warnings/Ratings: SFW. no warnings.
Synopsis: Rinoa is trying to understand her parents. But the video she's watching doesn't seem to be them at all.
Disclaimer: FFVIII is owned by Square-Enix, not me.

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Title: Petals
Fandom: FFVIII
Characters: Rinoa, Caraway
Theme: 15. baby's breath
Leitmotif: To fall
Warnings/Ratings: SFW. Canon character death.
Synopsis: A brief memory from Julia's funeral. Appx. 350 words.

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Title: Crows
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Rinoa Heartilly, General Caraway
Warnings/Ratings: Possibly NSFW - animal death, disturbing imagery.
Synopsis: She watches them fly, and she sees them fall.
Theme: 12. murder of crows
Note: Originally posted on 100_leitmotifs @ LJ. Surreal ficlet.

A thousand crows flew in the clear blue sky. )

Title: Widower's Walk
Fandom: FFVIII
Characters: General Caraway
Warnings/Ratings: SFW. (Canon) character death.
Summary: They'd never imagined that he would be the one left behind.
Theme: 44. widow's walk
Note: Originally posted at 100_leitmotifs @ lj.

There was no such thing as a widower's walk. )

Title: Unguarded Moment
Fandom: FFVIII
Characters: General Caraway, Sorceress Edea
Theme: #20 - broken crown
Leitmotif: To fall
Warnings/Ratings: SFW. Mild creepiness and vague descriptions of violence.
Synopsis: Caraway is given an opportunity to do the one thing that he believes is vital to the future of Galbadia.
Disclaimer: FFVIII is owned by Square-Enix, not me.

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Rinoa/Quistis maybe-AU femslash. (It looks more like a high school dance than one of Selphie's Garden Festivals - Selphie would get a better decorating budget.) I really just wanted an excuse to draw them in costumes.
Done in pencil and colored pencil. I'm poking at another (digitally painted) version that'll probably just be the girls in costume. But working with the pencils was fun, for all that I'm not that great with them. Or anatomy (although I did use a reference and drew skeletons for this one.)

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